When a Chromebook is places in the Lost Mode OU in Google Admin, it will automatically load the Lost Mode kiosk app when it reboots.  The screen displayed will have different options based on the default Lost Mode configuration options found in Settings / System in Device Console or the individual device Lost Mode options set on the device details in Lost mode recovery.

Continue using device: This button will appear when configured by the administrator.  It allows the user to continue using the device after agreeing the the privacy warning that notifies them that the location may be recorded and screenshots taken.

Note: The privacy warning will be redisplayed periodically to remind the user.  The frequency of the reminder can be set in Lost Mode defaults and for each individual device by changing the notification interval.

Contact administrator: This button allows the user to send a note to the administrator, such as letting them know where the device is located or that it will be returned.  The note will be sent to the e-mail address for all organization administrators.