To start a class session, follow the three steps listedin the information box at the top.

  1. Use the "Selection" box to choose a class. Google Classroom classes are imported automatically and appear together in a group.  Manually-created classes appear in a separate list labeled "Chrome classes"
  2. A list of all students in the class will appear.  All students will be shown with a green checkmark to indicate that they are selected for inclusion in the class session. Click on any studnent who should be excluded from the class, such as students who are absent.

    If a student is still in another active class, text will be shown indicating the name of the class.  The teacher has the option of excluding or including them in the new class.  If the student is included in the new class, control of the student device will be transfered to the new class, thus "pulling the student out" of the previous one.

    When starting a class with one or more students who are still active in a previous class that is still in session, an additional warning will be displayed.

  3. Click the Start class button.

  4. Verify or change the length of the class. Either change the class length or the class end time and the opposite value will be set automatically. The default class length can be set by the system administrator in the Settings area.

    Choose other optional settings before starting the class. Choices will be remembered on the same browser and computer for the next class.

    Enforce block list: Allows the selection of a block list to be enforced during the session

    Close all open tabs when calss starts: All open browser tabs on the student device will be closed when class starts.  The "Warning count down" setting can be used to provide students with a warning message and count down timer before other tabs are closed

    Limit max tabs to: This setting will determine the maximum number of tabs students may have open during the session.

    Allow students to raise hand: This setting enables or disables the hand raise feature, which is available when students click the Securly Classroom extension icon.

    Allow students to initiate teacher chat: When enabled, students can initiate a chat session with the teacher by clicking the Securly Classroom extension icon and selecting the Chat opiton.  When disabled, the student must wait for the teacher to initiate the chat.

    Play chat alert sound on student device: This option will cause an alert sound to play on the student device when the teacher sends a chat message.  This can be useful during remote teaching to help get the student's attention.  It will typically be disabled during in-person classes to avoid extra sounds playing in the room.

  5. Slick the Start button to begin the class session.

  6. While the class is running, the remaining time counter will appear at the top, next to the Stop Class button.

Note: There are several class options that teachers can set from the My Account menu, such as whether or not to play chat alert sounds and choosing a display name for students to see as the teacher's name in chat windows.  Refer to the My Account section of this guide for details.